What is Ideaology?
Introducing Ideaology
Ideaology is a blockchain project that strives to connect three types of users on one unique business network platform.
Innovators, developers and investors connected in one platform create an ecosystem which covers four steps from initial idea to the crowdfunding.
Ideaology DeFi
Ideaology DeFi , as crowdfounding part of Ideaology ecosystem we present IDO as multi-chain fixed swap application. Ideaology is a multi-chain IDO platform on Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), and Polygon which serves as a permissionless DEX geared into actualizing cross-chain token pools and auctions, thus facilitating fund raising of cryptocurrency projects in a decentralized and interoperable environment.‌
With Ideaology, cryptocurrency projects can easily raise funds by setting up a swap pool based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens on the Ideaology IDO launchpad. End-users will be able to join the projects as whitelisting participants in our secure and rule-abiding service environment.
Though initially being an IDO platform, Ideaology, as a full-fledged DEX, is also to provide with users an easy-to-tap-into yield farming taken up by Ideaology-connected token pairs.
Ideaology will contain two launchpads designed for founders (IDO) and for developers (WorkX). WorkX will serve as a decentralized freelance application which can help founders create early teams, and developers find projects where they can collaborate.
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