Core Features of Ideaology
The Ideaology team has been developing the first working version of Ideaology IDO launchpad on Ethereum, BEP-20, and Polygon. The initial goal of this MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is to make available a fully working swap platform for ERC-20 token pools, creating a marketplace that joins pool creators to liquidity providers. The Ideaology platform has been extended to BEP-20 and Polygon to create cross-chain swapping capabilities.

Fixed Swap Auction Pools

From our website, users can probe into a variety of token pools and join them. They will be fixed swap auction pools where the parties concerned exchange a fixed number of tokens for a predetermined price. Ideaology Fixed Swap Auction Pools serve as a well-tailored token swap infrastructure for token sales.
The beauty of Fixed Swap Auction is that by pledging a fixed exchange rate, project investors are able to assess their investment cost and make smart decisions on the project they are interested in. On the project side (i.e., for auctioneers), the amount of raised funds and sold tokens is correctly calculated.
With this Ideaology MVP, pool creators can feed the pool information comprising token contract address, title of the pool, limit per address, pool access type (public or private) and token price. A participant can join a token sale and their bid(s) are automatically processed in no time, ensuring the immediate transfer of the swapped tokens.

Incentivizing LPs in terms of Governance Contribution

To ensure full decentralization, Ideaology offers a governance model in which users can actively participate through voting for a project. To this end, IDEA, which serves as governance tokens for project listing, needs to be swapped from the user’s IDEA. The users interested in a particular project can stake IDEA as governance tokens for taking a vote on the project. If the project listing is approved, the users who participated in voting acquires priority over the project token sale, and also be rewarded project tokens for their governance contribution (The amount of token rewards is to be set by the project).
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