Creating a pool
IDEAIDO currently offers fixed swap auction pools.

Creating a fixed swap auction pool

Stage 1: Entering into IDO application page

To create a fixed swap auction pool (i.e., to launch IDO of your project), select ‘IDO’ from the side-menu and press ‘Apply for IDO’ button.
The IDO application form is pretty much self-contained. Just fill in the given items with correct information and felicitous descriptions.

Stage 2: Filling out IDO application

IDO Information

  • Project Name: Input the name of IDO token sale (E.g., IDEA Public, IDEA Private, etc.)
  • Select Chain: Select a blockchain network (ERC20, BSC, Polygon)
  • Token Contract Address: Token address for IDO token sale
  • Trade Value (in ETH): Token price (Att.: The value should be in ETH (E.g. 0.00002).
  • Total Raise (Total # of Tokens for Sale): The number of tokens to sell
  • Min. Fund Raise (Min. # of Tokens to be Sold): The minimum number of tokens to be sold for IDO success. (Att.: If your input value is 0, your IDO token sale will be liquidated regardless of sales number. If it's not 0, the token sale is validated when the number of sold tokens satisfies the minimum value set by this entry. Otherwise, the investors will be reimbursed for the tokens they purchased.)
  • Access: Type of token sale (In the case of 'Private', only whitelisted wallets are eligible for purchasing tokens. Whitelisted wallets can be added on the Admin page.
  • Min. Allocation (Min. # of Tokens Allowed per Wallet): Minimum amount of tokens allowed per wallet
  • Max. Allocation(Max. # of Tokens Allowed per Wallet): Maximum amount of tokens per wallet
  • Start Date: Starting date of IDO (Att.: It should be later than the time of submitting the IDO application. It should also be set in consideration with allowing lead time (i.e., processing time for project review and approval) before IDO launching.
  • End Date : Closing Date of IDO (Att.: Even if IDO is successful, operations such as token claim and liquidation will be IDO executed after the closing date of IDO.)
  • Fee Amount (> 2%) : IDO platform fee (Att.: It should be greater than 2%.)

Project Information

  • Project Name: Title of your IDO project (E.g., Ideaology)
  • Category: Choosing a project type (Att.: Multiple choice is possible.)
  • Website URL: Project-introducing website address
  • ICON URL: URL link to the symbol icon of project token (Att.: The image format must be in SVG.)
  • Email Address: Designated e-mail address for project marketing
  • Telegram Handle: Twitter account of Project
  • Twitter ID: Twitter ID of Project
  • Medium URL : Medium link of Project
  • Description: Brief introduction to Project
  • Password : Password of IDO application (Att.: It is needed for operations after IDO approval.)

Stage 3: Submitting and checking IDO application

Wallet connection and submission of IDO application

On pressing the ‘Connect Wallet’ button, your project token wallet will be connected and your project, listed as a candidate pool for Ideaology council’s reviewing and voting. As the listing process advances, the status of your project will change from 'Candidate' stepwise to 'Deployed', 'Approved' and 'Deployed', 'Upcoming' and 'Active'. When your IDO is fulfilled, your project pool is labelled as 'Accomplished'.
Only MetaMask and WalletConnect are currently supported. In case of using a mobile-installed wallet, WalletConnect must be used.
After the completion of wallet connection, press the 'Submit' button.

Checking the progress of IDO application

IDO State Code
  • Candidate: Your application is submitted to IDEAIDO council.
  • Approved: Your application is approved by the council, which will be notified by email.
  • Deployed & Upcoming: After you deploy your project on your Admin Page, your project pool will be labelled as ‘Upcoming’.
  • Active: When your project reaches the start date of IDO, your pool will be labelled as 'Active' and available to investors.

Stage 4 : IDO Admin

Enter the password set at the time of filling out IDO application.
Wallet signature for fixed swap contract migration
Success message for fixed swap contract migration

Stage 5: Preparing for IDO

Approving fixed swap contract on token-spending limit

Before selling tokens in terms of fixed swap contract

Pending state after completing the preparation of IDO launch

When the starting date of IDO comes, 'Upcoming' state switches to 'Live' state from which IDO participation is possible.

How to add wallet addresses on WhiteList (in case of private token sale)

In the WhiteList section multiple wallet addresses can be added by separating them with 'comma(,)'.
After fixed swap contract migration for IDO, be sure to go to 'Admin' page. Perform 'Approve' and 'Fund' task and check if the pool state switches to 'Upcoming' which means that IDO is ready for launching.

Stage 6: Liquidation after IDO closing

Go to 'Admin' page.

Withdraw Funds: Claiming the raised fund

Withdraw Unsold Tokens : Repossessing the unsold tokens

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