IDO Guide for Participants

Advance Preparations

In case you're using a PC or laptop, we recommend you to use Chrome web browser with MetaMask wallet installed on it as an extension program. If your frequently-used wallet is in your mobile phone and it supports WalletConnect, you can use the wallet by connecting it through the 'WalletConnect' option on Ideaology website.
WalletConnect-supporting wallets: MetaMask, Trust, etc.

Installing MetaMask

Stage 1: Search 'Chrome Web Store' on Google.
Stage 2: Search 'MetaMask' on Chrome Web Store.
Stage 3: Add 'MetaMask' on Chrome.

Generating or restoring a wallet on MetaMask

Generating a new wallet

Stage 1: Click on 'Getting Started'.
Stage 2: Click on 'Wallet creation'.
Stage 3: Setting the password of your wallet
Stage 4: Backing up the mnemonic code words
If you lose your mnemonic code, you will not be able to restore it and all of your asset in the wallet will be lost. Please keep the backup of the mnemonic code in a safe place.
Stage 5: Verifying your mnemonic code words (Enter the words in the right order that you identified at stage 4.)
Stage 6: Completing wallet creation

Restoring an existing wallet

Stage 1: Click on MetaMask 'Start' button.
Stage 2: Click on 'Import wallet' button.
State 3: Getting the account with seed phrase (Entering the seed phrase of your wallet backup)
Stage 4: Completing wallet creation
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